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I’d be lying if I said I had some huge emergency. My real emergency is that I want like, fifty plushies and can’t get them with my current funds :’I So, I’m opening up ten slots for $10 feral commissions!

These will be feral only because I’m sick of drawing humans, and I’d like something different. They will all be 500x500px and have minimal or no shading — see the above pictures for some examples! 

You can opt to add their name into the picture or have a simple background (like above) for no extra cost! 

I will only accept Paypal! 

Here’s how you can get one:

  1. Send me fanmail or an ask on either askthepickmeups, canon-fire, or gijinpoops with both a reference and an idea for a pose you’d like! (if no pose is specified, I’ll just do my own.)
  2. State whether or not you’d like your character’s name on the commission.
  3. Be sure to have a Paypal account; I will discuss how you pay me over private messages C: Note: you might be susceptible to a small discount if you commission one of my friends who is in need of the money!

That’s it, folks, thanks for looking!

I know I haven’t been active here, but I’ve been on askthepickmeups recently, if anyone would like to follow me there. I’ll be picking this back up eventually when I get my muse back. 

In the meantime, here’s some commission info if anyone’s interested.

((Mewtwo do not answer that one question about amber you shouldn't now about her and I didn't notice that this is the mewtwo from the genesect movie which is different from the first, this question and the other one don't exist Sorry please forgive my ignorance and wasting your time reading both of the questions plus I'm not even sure you are the mewtwo who I sent it too SORRY))

omg shh it’s okay anon! don’t worry! ; v ; everyone makes mistakes, have no fear! thank you very much for letting me know though, it really isn’t that big of a deal u w u

(in other news, I’ll draw for this blog again come winter break x.x I’ve been busy on my RP blogs).

((the english dub of the movie is finally out!

this means I’m totally open to answering questions about the movie instead of having to guess over them. thank you for your patience, everyone uwu <3 I look forward to answering more asks for you guys~))



Luna: How does Tums put up with this guy?


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There are some, even, that could be considered… pure.

I'm curious as to why it's harder for you to expand your telepathy in your mega form. Is it because your mind shifts its priorities from telepathy to telekinetics, or is there some other reason?

I do hope that I will be able to find a balance between the two extremes at some point, however. Despite being the strongest Pokemon, I realize that I still must train to become stronger.

((okay, let’s see how this works instead of screencapping asks… what do you guys prefer?))


welcome to kalos you sexy motherfucker u w u

((i did a thing))


welcome to kalos you sexy motherfucker u w u

((i did a thing))

Ah, yes… everypony…



My name is Graystripe. I’m a unicorn as you can see, and yes, I am quite tall. I sing and play some music, tho not that much. I like living on the outskirts of town, and I don’t talk that much…. which is why this intro is gonna be hard to make. Uh… 

I DO like talking to people, mind you, it’s just not my forte. I’m new to this whole internet thing, so please be patient with me, okay? 

Uh… My ask box is always open. Feel free to leave me a message. 

((OOC: Hello guys! uvu My name is Mayu, and i’m new to this whole community ;u; I been into MLP:FiM for a couple of years now (two maybe? How long has it been…?) and I finally had the courage to join the ask blog community for it! I don’t know a single person here, or any characters… Please be gentle 8’I )) 

((yo i’ll delete this in a little while but this is one of my good friends and she deserves lots of asks for her cool character woah woah))

My time alone is important, but sharing that time is just as vital in order to stay strong.

[Genesect is now available for questions!]



It is quite rare to see a Mienshao with psychic capabilities, is it not…? And with such odd colors, too… perhaps it is I who should be asking you questions, instead…




Twink: *blinks* Ooooh, another Mewtwo! Cool! I wish I was as strong as you Mewtwos! Can you teach me some psychic moves please? Pleeeease?

Sylva: *chuckles silently, which is just sounds of air* « Adorable isn’t he? … Ah yes, as for my colors? My father was a Serperior, and through a genetic abnormality, I inherited his colors rather than my mother’s. I apologize if it comes off as odd to you. »

I do apologize in advance, Sylva, for I am unfamiliar with… the more ethical practices of scientific research. Forgive me if I seem… wary of it all…